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  • Clarity, efficiency, and simplicity. At Bennett CPA LLC, we offer specific set of services tailored to meet the needs of your business. We offer tax planning, tax preparation, and consulting services for individuals as well as small-to-medium-sized businesses so that you can minimize your tax liability while remaining in compliance with the IRS. Let us handle the complexities of the tax code so that you can focus on building your business.

Individual Services

Individual Tax Preparation

Our individual tax services can assist you from claiming dependents to indicating educational costs, filing taxes on an individual basis comes with plenty of complexity. Our tax preparation expert in Colorado Springs is a CPA and can assist you in filing complex taxes from investments or any other business endeavors you may have.

Individual Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Planning

Tax planning for individuals requires an understanding of your personal tax situation, changes in your circumstances, and frequent changes in tax laws. We use a proactive process that requires ongoing communication and review that drives success. We are a trusted individual and family tax advisor in Colorado Springs, who will work with you throughout the year providing peace of mind during tax season.

Individual Services

Business Services

Business Tax Preparation

We offer business tax preparation to the Colorado Springs community. Offering small and medium-sized business owners the flexibility, security, and freedom they need to run their businesses year-round.

Business Tax Preparation

Business Tax Planning

We understand that tax planning can be the difference in your business’s ongoing success or demise. Reducing your tax liability is critical. We offer tax planning to businesses in Colorado Springs as a proactive tax strategy.

Business Tax Preparation

Business Consulting

If you are in search of a trusted business tax consultant in Colorado Springs that understands that your business is unique to you, and has the skills to assist you in lowering your tax liability call us today. Bennett CPA LLC is a licensed certified public accounting firm that is skilled in understanding business financials.

Business Tax Preparation

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Merrill Bennett has an extensive background in handling complex tax planning and preparation services for established and start-up businesses as well as high-net-worth individuals. With his expertise and many years of experience, you can rest assured that your taxes are being completed accurately, efficiently, and with the least possible impacts on your bottom line.

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Finding the right CPA for your business is a crucial step toward maximizing your tax profile. When looking for a tax consultant, you can narrow down candidates quickly with focused questions.

As a small business ourselves, Bennett CPA LLC realizes that every part of a company needs to be operating correctly for continued success. If one piece is out of place, it will cause...

A picture of tax forms and a blog title that reads, "5 Reasons Why a CPA is Better Than Tax Software".

Taxes are complicated. Filing laws are continually changing, and tax jargon is hard to understand. Each year various tax forms are shortened, expanded, and updated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Since most people do not specialize in taxes or have formal training, it can be hard to keep up with every adjustment. Utilizing tax software can lead to a fog of uncertainty when you file your taxes. Did you...


Many people only think of taxes when they need to file for their yearly returns. This is not ideal. People who strive to achieve financial longevity need to implement a tax plan. By utilizing an evolving and customized tax strategy, you are able to control your future financial health.

At Bennett CPA LLC, we understand how overwhelming taxes can be. Thinking about the future and establishing...


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As a certified public accountant for both local businesses and individuals in Colorado Springs Merrill has the skills to prepare, plan, and file all of your taxes. Whether you are filing a simple 1099 form or a complex set of small business income tax forms Merrill Bennett will work tirelessly on your behalf. Bennett CPA offers individual and business tax services that assist you in planning for future success. If you are in search of tax preparation, tax planning, or tax filing services in southern Colorado contact or call Bennett CPA today!

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