Business Tax Preparation

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Top-Of-The-Line Business Tax Preparation

At Bennett CPA, our knowledgeable CPA, Merrill Bennett, is passionate about providing affordable, accessible tax services for the business owners and residents of Colorado Springs. Bennett CPA operates on six core principles: clarity, efficiency, simplicity, honesty, integrity and value. With these core values guiding his tax services, you are guaranteed to have a thorough and transparent understanding of your annual taxes.

Navigating your taxes can be a complex and confusing process. Whether you have inquiries about your taxes or are interested in signing up for our tax subscription service, Bennett CPA is equipped to help you with all of your individual tax and business tax needs. One of Bennett CPA’s areas of expertise is preparing business taxes for small and medium-sized businesses. From sole proprietors to limited liability companies, Bennett CPA possesses the knowledge and experience needed to help you prepare your business taxes.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Tax Preparation Services?

For the majority of business owners, filing your business tax returns is often a hassle and overall overwhelming process. When you hire Bennett CPA to prepare your business taxes, you can be assured that he will maximize your business tax returns while finding all of your eligible business tax deductions. Some benefits of having a professional prepare your business taxes include:

Knowledge Of Current Tax Laws

It is common for business tax laws to be regularly changed and updated. By hiring Bennett CPA to prepare your business taxes, you do not have to worry about learning the current tax laws or missing an eligible deduction because you did not know it existed.

Prepare For An Audit

As a business owner, one of the last things you want to worry about is being audited. In the event of an audit, Bennett CPA will be equipped with extensive knowledge about your business taxes and be able to answer any questions that the government may have.

File Business Taxes On Time

Have you ever realized that your business taxes are due, and then rushed to make sure that you were able to file your tax return on time? With Bennett CPA preparing your business taxes, you will not have to worry about filing your business tax return late and being penalized.

Year-Round Tax Support

One of the best advantages of working with a professional CPA is that Merrill is available to help you with your business taxes throughout the entire year. If you have a question in January or want to discuss the refund that you received, he will be available for you.

Help Gather Proper Paperwork

In order to file your business tax return correctly, you will need to have several documents and reports ready. With a professional CPA preparing your business tax return, we can inform you of what documents you will need and help you stay prepared and organized throughout the process.

Maximize Business Tax Deductions

Merrill continually invests in furthering his business tax knowledge so that he is able to provide the best services possible to the business owners of Colorado Springs. Expanding his knowledge allows him to make sure he includes all eligible tax deductions on your tax return.

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What Documents Do I Need To Prepare My Business Taxes?

In order to prepare your business taxes correctly, it is crucial that you have all of the required documents prepared. Having these documents ready for Merrill not only speeds up the tax preparation process, but it also helps you organize your financial business files. Some of the documents that you will need for Merrill to easily prepare your business taxes include the following:

  1. Cash Flow Statement

  2. Balance Sheet

  3. Income Statement

  4. Summary Of Home Office Expenses

  5. Social Security Number

  6. Receipts

  7. Credit Card Statements

  8. Payroll Records

  9. Previous Year’s Business Tax Return

  10. Paperwork Of Charitable Donations

Helping You Better Understand Your Business Taxes

At Bennett CPA, we believe in educating people about taxes and helping them better understand the ins and outs of their financial situation. Whether you own a large corporation or a small business, understanding your taxes will help you successfully plan the financial future of your business. As one of the premier CPAs in Colorado Springs, I frequently produce blogs to help business owners and individuals expand their tax knowledge. If you are interested in learning more about different aspects of business taxes, please take a few moments to read one of my blogs.

Premier Business Tax Preparation In Colorado Springs

If you are a long-time business owner and constantly find it difficult to file your business taxes, or you have recently started a business and want to make sure that you file your taxes correctly, Bennett CPA is here to help you! As a locally-owned-and-operated business, Bennett utilizes his knowledge and years of experience to ensure that your business tax questions are answered, you have an organized business tax plan and your business tax return is always filed correctly and on time. Hire Merrill to prepare your business taxes, and experience the benefits of hiring a CPA! If you are ready to minimize your business tax liability while maximizing your business tax return, then contact our team today.