Individual Tax Preparation

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Premier Individual Tax Preparation For Colorado Residents

I founded Bennett CPA because I pride myself on providing impeccable tax services for my clients. Whether you are a business owner looking for CPA or an individual looking for tax preparation, I will ensure that your taxes are completed as accurately & efficiently as possible. Over the years, I have invested in my knowledge and expertise to be able to ensure that I am up to date with each tax law and ongoing change or amendments, and am able to locate tax benefits for my clients.

Whether you are interested in learning more about my tax subscription service or you simply want to expand your tax knowledge, I am always available to answer all of your tax-related questions. One area of taxes that I am equipped to help you with is individual tax preparation. Many people find themselves flustered during tax season, and do not completely understand the reasoning behind certain tax laws or treatment of certain transactions. I am here to help you complete your taxes quickly, all while supporting you throughout the entire process.

What Are The Benefits Of Individual Tax Preparation?

If you find yourself vacillating between hiring a tax professional and attempting to complete your taxes on your own, here are a few benefits to consider when making your decision:

Potential Savings

One of the biggest advantages to having a professional prepare your taxes is the amount of potential savings you could receive on your tax return. Certified public accountants are aware of possible tax deductions, equipping them with the ability to maximize your deductions while minimizing your tax liability.


If you find yourself spending weeks preparing your taxes, but feeling like you never make progress, you are not alone. Preparing your individual taxes can be an arduous process. With the support of a tax professional, you will be able to complete your taxes quickly and have them submitted by the deadline, if not beforehand.

Possible Credits

You may be eligible for tax credits based on recent tax laws passed and changes in your personal circumstances. On the flip side of things you also do NOT want to inadvertently claim a tax credit you are not truly eligible for, opening yourself up to an audit, adjustment or reclassification in the future.

Audit Support

While no individual files their taxes expecting to be audited, it is helpful to have a professional who knows the ins and outs of your tax return in case you do get audited. If the IRS decides to question your tax return, you will have a tax professional who completed the return themselves, and will be ready to address any concerns.

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What Documents Do I Need To Prepare My Individual Taxes?

To prepare your individual tax return efficiently and correctly, it is crucial that you have all of the required documents ready for your CPA. Having these documents set aside and ready helps speed up the tax preparation process, in addition to helping you organize your financial documents. Some of the documents you will need to have prepared in order for me to accurately prepare your individual tax return include:

  1. Social Security Number & date of birth

  2. If married: spouse’s full name, social security number and date of birth

  3. Name, date of birth and social security number for any dependents

  4. W-2 Forms

  5. Medical Bill Reports

  6. Educational Expense Report

  7. Charitable Donation Paperwork

  8. If applicable, 1099 Forms

  9. Documentation For Eligible Tax Credits

  10. Previous Year’s Tax Return

Here To Help You Understand Your Individual Taxes

At Bennett CPA, one of my passions is educating my clients on various aspects of taxes, whether that be informing them of new tax deductions or helping them understand tax deadlines. I produce frequent blogs to help the residents of Colorado Springs expand their tax knowledge, and gain a better understanding of what goes into preparing their tax returns. Please read some of my blogs below to learn more!

Prepare Your Individual Tax Return With Bennett CPA

If you are ready to experience the simplicity and ease of having a tax professional prepare your individual taxes, then look no further! I will complete your tax return while operating under my core values: honesty, simplicity, efficiency, clarity, integrity and value. This ensures you will receive the most thorough tax preparation possible, all while receiving the tax support you need. Contact me today so I can begin to look at your tax situation and prepare your individual tax return.