5 Reasons Why a CPA is Better Than Tax Software

Due to the regulated nature of our tax structure, filing laws are continually changing. Each year various tax forms are shortened, expanded, and updated by the IRS. Since most people do not specialize in taxes or have formal training, it can be difficult to keep up with every single adjustment. Utilizing tax software alone can lead to a fog of uncertainty when you file your taxes. Did you do them correctly? Will you get audited? Choosing a professionally certified CPA is a great way to ensure you have done your taxes correctly.

As a CPA in Colorado Springs, Bennett CPA LLC strives to alleviate the confusion surrounding filing. Our team specializes in tax planning and preparation for the most intricate situations. We provide comprehensive tax services so you know your filings have been completed correctly the first time. Below are some reasons why hiring a CPA is better than using tax software:

1. A CPA is Certified

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, which is administered through NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) and the individual state board of accountancy, and the AICPA. Any individual who has achieved this certification has completed the appropriate education, taken the relevant CPA examinations, and gathered enough experience to meet Colorado’s strict requirements. With an extensive educational background, professionals in the CPA field are experts in the tax field. They are uniquely equipped with the skills needed to help people with their taxes.

2. Your Taxes Are Customized

Tax software providers pack their programs with a plethora of tools to try and help people customize their returns. This is efficient to a point, but in many cases, the software lacks nuance. Every single tax return is different. People all have to fill out certain standardized forms, but each situation requires distinctive filings. For example, a mother of three children who works two jobs will have a vastly different filing compared to a single person who works one job.

3. You Don’t Need to Stress About Which Software to Buy

If you have ever explored the selection of tax planning software at a store, you know how many different options there are. Each company brands its programs with distinctive levels of customization. It is hard to sift through and understand exactly which one is best suited to you. By hiring a CPA, you are taking away the guesswork. A tax professional will guide you through the process and explain exactly what you need to file.

4. There is a Reduced Risk of Incorrect Taxes

As mentioned above, a big part of using tax software can be guesswork. In daily life, a little unknown is fine. With taxes, however, assuming or filling out information incorrectly has potentially devastating consequences. Errors can result in having an audit performed on your filing, owing more money in the form of fees, or other severe penalties. A CPA’s whole job is navigating tax law. By choosing to utilize tax consulting services, you are substantially minimizing your risk of incorrect returns.

5. You Can Get Your Questions Answered Thoroughly

Whether you use free tax preparer software or a CPA, you are bound to have tax accounting questions. Low-cost programs may have a FAQ section or helpful explanations contained within the software, but this generic information leaves gaps. In many of the free software options, if you have questions specific to your tax situation, there is no option to chat with a CPA. One of the benefits of hiring a CPA is that you have access to professional, thorough answers to all your filing questions.

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Tax season for 2021 is in full swing! At Bennett CPA LLC, we understand how overwhelming all the nuances of tax law can be to everyday people, especially with frequent tax code changes. Our accounting and tax services are designed to streamline the filing process so you save money and time. In the CPA vs tax software battle, our team always wins! Contact us today to schedule your consultation.