Merrill Bennett

Who Is Bennett CPA?

Our mission at Bennett CPA is to provide affordable, accessible and quality tax services to small businesses and individuals across Southern Colorado. Our knowledgeable team is available to prepare, file and consult on your individual and business taxes. We deliver customized plans with the goal of maximizing returns and tax credits. With every client, we operate under our core values:

  • Clarity

  • Efficiency

  • Simplicity

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Value

Subscription Services

As one of the premier CPAs in Colorado Springs, we are helping make your taxes as simple and efficient as possible. Our knowledgeable team offers annual and semi-annual subscription plans to help with business tax services and individual tax services all year round. This way, you will never have to worry about your taxes being late again. With our subscription services, we’ll be able to address any tax issues as soon as they arise. From filing for a business tax extension to calculating freelance income tax, we’re here to help 365 days a year.

Business Subscription Services

Tax Preparation Subscriptions

Tax season is the culmination of the work put in throughout the previous year, keeping your finances up to date, documenting expenses and reviewing your business performance on a regular basis. Having an ongoing relationship with your tax preparer is immensely beneficial during this complex process. We know how much you have on your plate as a business owner, which is why we takes care of your business taxes for you so that you don’t have to stress about it!

Tax Planning Subscriptions

Understanding your business’ taxes is critical to both the ongoing success of your business as well as your ability to reduce your tax liability. With our business tax subscription service, we are able to work with you constantly and determine your tax liability and create a rewarding strategy for your company. A thorough tax planning strategy provides your business with the best opportunity to save as much money in taxes as possible.

Tax Consulting Subscriptions

As a business owner in Colorado Springs, we understand that your business is unique to you, the industry that you are in and the historical operation of the business. We will work with you and your business to find the lowest tax rates available, and determine which tax credits you are eligible for. Our thorough knowledge of taxes allow us to address any complex tax challenges with ease. With our team on your side, taxes will no longer be a chore that you loath!

Personal Subscription Services

Tax Preparation Subscriptions

Tax laws are complex, and filing tax returns can quickly become confusing. While software and websites can sometimes get you to the finish line, they cannot identify the unique facets of your situation and often miss deductions and credits that are rightfully yours.

Tax Planning Subscriptions

At Bennett CPA, we will work with you to form a customized tax strategy that will help you grow your assets and minimize your liability. We’ll help you understand your tax bracket, find deductions and credits and utilize our knowledge to minimize your taxes as much as possible.

Premier Tax Service Subscriptions With Bennett CPA

Our knowledgeable team is here to help you with your tax needs all year long. Whether you are filing individual taxes or business taxes, we use our knowledge and tax expertise to find which deductions and credits you are eligible for. With the Bennett CPA team supporting you, taxes are simple and easy.

If you are ready to take control of your financial future, then give Bennett CPA a call today! We are able to help you whether you run a business, or are looking for assistance with your personal taxes. With our team of tax experts helping you, filing taxes has never been easier.