Business Tax Preparation Subscriptions

Business Tax Preparation Subscription

At Bennett CPA, I am committed to partnering with business owners throughout Colorado Springs to help make taxes easier. As a small business owner myself, I understand how business tax laws can quickly become overwhelming as a result of their complex nature. Because of this, tax season causes many people stress and confusion - especially small business owners. As a certified public accountant, I am passionate about making taxes less intimidating by offering affordable, accessible, and quality business tax services.

While many business owners hold taxes at arm's length until tax day, I have found that handling your business’s taxes a bit at a time throughout the year yields much more profitable results. This is why I don’t only offer my tax preparation services once yearly. Instead, I have committed to partnering with my clients throughout the year to ensure that their taxes are properly prepared and every money saving opportunity has been taken advantage of. To make my year-round business tax preparation services readily accessible, I have created a comprehensive business tax preparation subscription that guarantees expert tax help 365 days a year.

Personalized Business Tax Preparation

As a certified CPA, I combine my experience and expertise to ensure that your business’ taxes are properly prepared. I understand that every financial decision a business owner makes affects not only their business, but also their personal tax situation. With a personalized business tax preparation subscription, I will partner with you to help you understand the tax implications of decisions before you make them. This will ensure that you remain compliant to tax laws, while also finding opportunities for tax minimization. Additionally, I will dedicate my expertise year round to ensure that when it comes time to send in your business tax return, every money-saving opportunity has been taken into consideration. With a tax preparation subscription you will have access to monthly tax consultations, accurate and comprehensive tax return preparation and filing, and tax advice that is backed by my years of experience.

Benefits Of A Business Tax Preparation Subscription

Year-Round Tax Support

With a business tax preparation subscription, you will have access to my expertise and support throughout the year. Whether it is peak tax season or you are finalizing a tax plan months in advance, my services will always be available, even in the case of an unforeseen emergency

Knowledge Of Current Tax Laws

It is common for business tax laws to be regularly changed and updated. With a business tax preparation subscription, you will have year round access to my business tax expertise. This way you do not have to worry about learning the current tax laws or missing an eligible deduction.

Audit Help

As a business owner, one of the last things you want to worry about is being audited. In the event of an audit, a business tax subscription will ensure you are equipped with my extensive knowledge that will help the audit to go smoothly.

Hear From My Clients

Rebecca P.

Merrill was just the person we needed to help with our taxes and the taxes for my small business. I've always found tax time to be a huge headache, but Merrill simplified the process without ever talking down to us. He answered questions and dealt with a few challenges (name changes, moving to a new state). He was incredibly responsive, pleasant to work with, and professional. We plan to continue using him for our taxes in the future!

Marc B.

As a new business owner selecting the right professional advisors is crucial. Merrill stood out based on his experience and overall first impression. We are so pleased with the decision to use Bennett CPA LLC, the support and guidance is exactly what our business needs. Merrill has been fantastic to work with as our business and personal CPA. On top of getting the job done, it is very obvious that he really cares.

Jana F.

Bennett CPA is a fantastic partner for tax and financial needs. Merrill consistently provides support to ensure that we are organized for success over and above the call. If you are looking for a solid CPA with extensive tax law and business structure experience, Bennett CPA is the way to go.

Streamline Your Business Taxes With Bennett CPA

Whether you are a long-time business owner or you have recently started a business, Bennett CPA is here to help you streamline your business taxes. As a local small business owner, I will utilize my knowledge and years of experience to ensure that your business tax questions are answered, you have an organized business tax plan, and your business taxes are correctly prepared and filed. Take the burden of preparing your business’ taxes off your shoulders by contacting me today. I have a variety of business tax subscriptions to choose from that will ensure your every tax need is taken care of.