Personal Tax Preparation Subscriptions

Personal Tax Preparation Subscription

As a certified public accountant, I founded Bennett CPA with the mission of offering efficient, clear, and simple tax services to the community of Colorado Springs. I understand that taxes are oftentimes confusing and stressful which is why I hold myself to these core principles in order to ensure my clients receive excellent tax assistance. While tax season only comes around once a year, I have committed to partnering with my clients year round to ensure that their taxes are well taken care of. I do this through offering comprehensive tax subscription services that guarantee my expertise 365 days a year.

While many people wish to only think about taxes once a year, handling your taxes throughout the year has been proven to yield much better results. With my careful attention to detail, I will handle any issues as they arise and ensure that every money-saving opportunity is taken care of. With a personal tax preparation subscription you won’t have to worry about your taxes being late or incorrect. With my help, the stress of taxes will be taken away and replaced with comprehensive tax services.

Benefits Of A Personal Tax Preparation Subscription

Maximize Savings

Through a tax preparation subscription, I will utilize my expertise to ensure every deduction, credit and exemption is claimed and applied correctly to your taxes. My year-round attention to detail will ensure every money-saving opportunity is considered while preparing your taxes.

Save Time

If you find yourself spending weeks preparing your taxes, but feeling like you never make progress, you are not alone. Preparing your individual taxes can be a timely and frustrating process. With the support of a tax professional, you will be able to complete your taxes quickly and have them submitted by the deadline, if not beforehand.

Peace Of Mind

The burden of taxes tends to weigh heavily on people’s shoulders. With a tax preparation subscription, you can rest assured your taxes are being handled by a professional. No longer are the days of rushing to complete your tax return and submitting it within the appropriate timeline.

Tax Preparation Subscription

With a tax preparation subscription, you will have access to year round tax support that will ensure your taxes remain simplified and are always accurate. This means that with each paycheck earned and expense paid, I will ensure that your taxes remain current and reflect any changes. I will dedicate my expertise year round to ensure that when it comes time to send in your tax return, every money-saving opportunity has been taken into consideration. With a tax preparation subscription you will have access to monthly tax consultations, comprehensive tax return preparation, accurate filing, and tax advice based on expertise and experience.

Merrill Bennett

CPA In Colorado Springs

As a certified public accountant, I am on a mission to provide efficient, clear, and honest tax services to individuals and families throughout Colorado. I am passionate about making taxes simple and easy in order to take the heavy burden of tax preparation off my clients shoulders. By offering customized tax subscriptions, I have been able to streamline the tax preparation process while avoiding costly errors and applying my expertise to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Navigating the complexity of tax compliance and filings has never been easier with assistance from my comprehensive tax preparation subscription services.

Hear From My Clients

Chelse W.

Very pleased with this accounting service. Merrill is available for questions and is very helpful and responsive!

Dorothy B.

I would recommend Merrill to all my colleagues. He has been amazing with getting me where I need to be with my finances and record keeping. The things that I thought I had a handle on and didn't, Merrill found and straightened out immediately. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and wonderful to work with.

Bozhidar D.

I was confused and needed some help sending out some 1099's last minute. Merrill took the time to explain everything to me, and get them filed and sent out. He is very knowledgeable and patient. If you have any questions regarding your taxes, I strongly recommend you reach out to him.

Courtney K.

Extremely responsive, knowledgeable, efficient and professional. I will be continuing to use Bennett CPA for years to come!

Simplify Your Personal Taxes With Bennett CPA

As an experienced tax professional, I understand that preparing your taxes is most likely the last thing you want to do during your free time. Tax laws can be complex and any mistakes can end up being costly while preparing your taxes. By signing up for a personalized tax preparation subscription, you will not have to worry about your taxes being completed incorrectly ever again. To learn more about how a tax subscription can help simplify your taxes, contact me today! I look forward to helping you maximize your deductions while minimizing your liabilities.