Personal Tax Subscriptions

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Personal Tax Subscription Services

At Bennett CPA, I am committed to partnering with the individuals and families throughout Colorado Springs to help make taxes easier. Tax season is often a dreaded time of the year that causes many people stress and confusion. As a certified public accountant, I am passionate about making taxes less intimidating by offering affordable, accessible and quality tax services. While many hold taxes at arm's length until tax day, I have found that tackling your taxes a little bit at a time throughout the year yields much less stressful and better results. This is why I don’t only offer my services once yearly. Instead, I have committed to partnering with my clients throughout the year to ensure that when tax season does come - they are fully prepared. To make my year-round tax services readily accessible, I have created comprehensive tax service subscriptions that guarantee quality help 365 days a year.

Tax Subscription Services

A tax subscription streamlines the preparation and planning for yearly and quarterly taxes. At Bennett CPA, I understand taxes are unique to each individual and household, which is why I offer a personalized approach to taxes. With a tax subscription, you will receive year-round help. This way, you will never have to worry about your taxes being late again. With my tax subscription services, I will be able to address any tax issues as soon as they arise. From filing for a personal tax return to calculating freelance income tax, I will make your taxes as simple and efficient as possible. I offer two comprehensive personal tax subscription packages to ensure your taxes are done right.

Tax Preparation Subscription

Tax laws are complex, and filing tax returns can quickly become confusing. While software and websites can sometimes get the job done, they cannot identify the unique facets of your situation and often overlook eligible deductions and exemptions. With my tax preparation subscription services, I will dedicate my expertise year round to ensure that when it comes time to send in your tax return, every money-saving opportunity has been taken into consideration. I will work closely with you throughout the process so you stay informed.

Tax Planning Subscription

Tax planning simply cannot only be done once a year. Instead, a plan must be carried out throughout the year in order to ensure your taxes are properly handled. With my personalized tax planning subscription, I will work with you to form a customized, year-round tax strategy that will help you grow your assets and minimize your liability. I will help you understand your tax bracket and find deductions, credits and exemptions, as well as utilize my knowledge to minimize the amount of taxes you owe all while keeping you informed.

Benefit of a Tax Subscription

When considering if a tax subscription is right for you, it is important to understand the various benefits that come with a subscription. At Bennett CPA, my ultimate goal is to ensure affordable, accessible and quality tax services. That is why I offer personalized tax subscription services catered to your unique needs.

Maximize Tax Returns

Through a tax subscription, I will utilize my expertise to ensure every deduction, credit and exemption is claimed and applied correctly to your tax return. My year-round attention to detail will ensure every money-saving opportunity is considered with your tax returns.

Peace Of Mind

The burden of taxes tends to weigh heavily on people’s shoulders. With a tax subscription, you can rest assured your taxes are being handled by a professional. No longer are the days of rushing to complete your tax return and submitting it within the appropriate timeline

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Filing for taxes correctly is essential when it comes to your financial well-being. Accidentally overpaying on your tax return through improper filing and missed deductions is a costly mistake that is difficult to correct. I will prevent any of those mistakes from happening.

Personalized Tax Service Subscriptions With Bennett CPA

Take the burden of taxes off your shoulders with the help of Bennett CPA. As an experienced tax professional, I understand taxes are the last thing you want to think about in your free time. Taking on taxes yourself can be time consuming and costly. By signing up for a personalized tax subscription, you will not have to worry about your taxes being completed incorrectly ever again. To learn more about how a tax subscription can help take the stress out of taxes, contact me today! I look forward to helping you maximize your deductions while minimizing your liabilities.